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Friday, May 13, 2005

Related Fathers note...

I didn't make the last post to lay some sort of liberal guilt, about how lucky we are and must share our wealth with others. No, I don't believe we should feel guilty--but we should recognize that we've won the lottery of life. A guy who hits the powerball numbers shouldn't feel guilty for his dumb luck, but certainly he should appreciate it. The same goes for the American middle class--enjoy the wealth, don't exploit others, and be thankful. Thus while poverty is indeed painful to view, it was the father/son dynamic that I wished to express. I look up to my father--as many of us believe, our father is the hardest working, smartest, most caring and upstanding man alive. It hurts me deeply to see him suffer or to even thing of others slighting him, and to switch roles with the father/son beggar tag team in Tijuana is simply unfathomable. What is to be done? I don't believe the answer is to blame conservatives, liberals, globalization proponents or opponents--simply don't do things that continue to hurt this father and son (ie, trade restrictions, immigration restrictions, etc.) and allow the son to see his father succeed and gain dignity working something other than a Tijuanan street corner traversed by drunk college students on a Thursday at midnight.