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Friday, May 13, 2005

Tijuanan Strip Clubs

Apparently, when you ask a Mexican taxi driver to take you to a bar, it means to take you to the sleaziest Mexican strip club around. Contrary to popular belief, Mexican strippers do not in anyway resemble J. Lo. That ass looks good in jeans...but that's really where it should stay. On a related note, is there anything more depressing than watching a man and his small son beg for money? The son, looking up to the father as American boys do their dad on the little league team or the fishing trip, instead sees him (idoliing him just the same) being reduced to begging shithead American college students for spare change? And to think, this is in fact the GOOD father--the one who cares so much as to stay with the family, attempt to make ends meet, even if it means having his son see him reduced to hitting up SD State frat boys (and UCSD dorks, yours truly) for cash. Painful indeed--and thanks again Dad for everything.