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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Culinary Delights

After an extensive and very scientific study, the Triscuit Pizza has been shown to be the finest food item prepared in under 5 minutes. Make your own triscuit pizza with the following delicious and nutrient-rich ingredients:

Pasta Sauce: Trade Joe's Rustico
This is truly a great find. At a mere $3, Trader Joe's Rustico sauce is low in acidity and bursting with sweet tomato flavor. Joe makes his sauce with Plum tomatos--sweeter and better for you than regular tomatos. At a mere 4 net carbs, it's healthy too!

Cracker: Ralph's Generic Woven Wheats
Wow--these crackers are truly in a class by themselves. I've been spending upwards of $4 per box of Triscuits, and these guys are JUST AS GOOD at a mere $1.50. I finally sacked up and purchased a box, always worried they'd never be able to match the great taste and crunch of Triscuits, but BOY was I wrong!

Cheese: Muenster

Melts much more evenly than its competitors. Jesus Christ it's a slow news day.