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Monday, June 20, 2005

Duke Cunningham Takes $700,000 Bribe

Mitch and Randy are friends. Duke wants to sell his $900,000 house, and Mitch wants to buy it. Over here in the real world, Mitch gives Randy$900,000 and that's that. But when Mitch is Mitchell Wade, President of MZM Inc., a major defense contractor, and Randy is Randy "Duke" Cunningham, powerful Republican congressman from right here in San Diego, Mitch ends up paying $1.7 million for such a home. Of course, Mitch already has a pretty nice pad, so he sold the joint for only $1 mil a few months later, and is currently getting well over $60mil in defense contracts from his buddy Duke. Oh, Duke also lives on the Duke Stir, a giant yacht docked at the Washington Yacht Club. Ahem, the Duke Stir is shockingly owned by Mitch...To paraphrase Jon Stewart...WHITEWATER? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? Mitch wrote Duke a check for $700,000 in return for defense contracts--and whitewater??!?
I wish I was making this up...
Another Shitty Article from the SD Union-Tribune