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Friday, July 01, 2005

Brooke Shields

So this is what it's come to--the long debate over psychiatry, psychopharmaceuticals, and mental health finally has its spokespeople: Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise. Take nothing away from Ms. Shields--she did not ask for this role, nor is she feigning any expertise about the 'history' of psychiatry or medicine in general. Rather, the former child jeans model ("Want to know what gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing.) who appeared nude in Pretty Baby at the age of 12 (playing a prostitute no less) wrote a NY Times Op-Ed piece today which was calm and concise, explaining her disease and its effect and its chemical causes. Compared to the nutso Tom Cruise (who, granted, I did my very best to defend in this blog) Shields couldn't come off looking better--perhaps it was her Princeton education, but from the ivy-league grads we know, we're suspecting it's The Andre Effect. Whoever is managing Ms. Shield's career clearly is earning their keep--instead of being subject to rumors about attending therapy (who doesn't in Hollywood?) and having a mental disorder, Brooke Shields was able to turn her near-suicidal turn into becoming a responsible spokeswoman for the benefits of therapy and treatment for the disease of depression.

Brooke Shields NY Times Op-Ed