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Monday, July 11, 2005

Countdown to Resignation

Finally, Karl Rove's blind political calculations--and the fact he is simply too wrapped up in the game--looks like it will cost him his job. President Bush--through Scott McClellan--pledged to fire anyone who leaded the name of a CIA Operative to the press. Whoops. Seems as though that fellow is his best bud and campaign guru Karl Rove. I forgot to put up the Tucker Carlson Countdown to McEnroe-d clock, so let's put the over under on Carlson at 4 months (the MSNBC ad blitz for The Situation with Tucker Carlson is really unprecidented--I saw full column ads everywhere from the NY Times to Slate to ESPN...) and Rove at 4 weeks. Place your wages now, either of these two hacks may expire any moment. No bother--they'll go earn millions starting a consulting firm with Jack Abramoff or receiving their own show on Fox, a la G. Gordon Liddy, Ollie North, etc.

By the way--and I know I promised not to use this blog to exact revenge or act on personal vendettas--but I'm boycotting Subway. Today I received change for a $10, when I gave the young man a $20. After vigorous debate, I still received a foot long Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki sandwich for $18. I guess that Jared guy lost all the weight by having Subway steal his money so he couldn't afford to eat.