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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Nic Harcourt has done it again. Harcourt hosts the finest music program in the country, Sounds Eclectic, on KCRW public radio Los Angeles. This week Deadman performed a fantstic live set on his show, Deadman, a trio from Texas whose songs range from country ballads to that which can only be described as a bluesy indie rock. The vocals of Steven and Sherilyn Collins complete each other. Sherilynn's voice is high and beautiful, yet lacking--a Loretta Lynn or even Dolly Parton grit is missing. Steven's singing is also too simple, and while he can usually make songs good, without Sherilynn the tunes are largely generic and easy to pass over.

Don't confuse Deadman with Theory of a Deadman--the latter is a shitty grunge rock band that showed up too late to capitalize on the early 90's Seattle scene. On the contrary, Deadman's blues/folk fusion and alt-country musings offer a mature addition to the alt-country scene.

Deadman's One Little Indian Site

Sounds Eclectic