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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fuzzy Navels

Zach and I have been frequenting the fine establishments of downtown Mountain View recently, and last night was really the last straw. The only decent bar in town--Molly Magees--now CHARGES A COVER! A cover...at an "Irish Pub" style establishment? Gufaw I say, Gufaw. Not only that, they blast rap music so loud one has a hard time ordering each round...yesterday a round of "Blue Moon Pale Ales" was mistaken for a round of "Fuzzy Navels". What ever happened to a place where everyone knows your name? That's all I want--I really don't need a bunch of late 20-somethings showing too much cleavage, their mid drifts and flaunting some
cheap miniskirt
. Not to get all frat guy, but if I'm going drinking, that's exactly what I want to do--spend time with friends, drink quality beer, and perhaps watch some SportsCenter. Nothing--let alone throbbing bass--makes good beer better, except perhaps more good beer. Girls Gone Wild, the bastardization of Harvard's National Lampoons and Paris Hilton have ruined a the time honored tradition of going out and consuming quality beverages without needing the musical stylings of Fat Joe. That said, if conversation ensues between myself and some ladies of similar age and social class, so be it--but let's not force the issue by turning the neighborhood watering hole into a breeding ground.

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