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Friday, July 08, 2005

I Hate the Olympics

Baseball and softball were eliminated from the Olympics today, placing the final nail in the coffin of my interest in the games. Zach and I were talking last night, during which I divulged the fact I really hate the olympics. I don't object to nonsensical flag waving, blindly cheering someone merely because they share your homeland. It isn't even the fact the American basketball team failed to capture the gold (or silver) in Athens. Perhaps it is that we as Americans have so little riding on the games--oh, you mean we failed to capture a medal in curling (one of the few sports I do find amusing enough to tune into)? Hrm...well we did defeat the USSR and the Nazis over here in real life, so suddenly I am not all that disappointed. No, it's purely that they're...boring. The athletes are, for the most part, competing against themselves--how far can you jump, how fast can you swim, etc. Individual sports just never did it for me, and the fact they are all amateurs leaves me with little to cheer for--who are the heroes and the villians? I always thought Yankees fans had less fun, and the olympics certainly prove it.

Indeed, the fact is that the world's best don't take the games seriously, so why should I? The world's most famous athletes--Barry Bonds, Shaq, Michael Schumacher and Tiger Woods--don't bother showing up (the latter two aren't even invited) so why should I change the channel from MTV's 24 Hour Room Raiders Marathon? The olympics are not even the biggest showcase for Futbol, the world's most popular sport. Now that baseball and softball--the former of which is incredibly competitive and one of the only sports in which Latin American countries truly have a chance. By the way Ms. Jenny Finch, if you need to make other plans for 2012, you're more than welcome to crash the futon in my graduate student dorm.