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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Used to Smoke and Drink and Dance the Hootchie Coo...

This would be a hoot if it wasn't so damn heart-breaking. A man has an affair with a Portland woman, resulting in her pregnancy. He immediately breaks off the relationship because it certainly will affect his career. The child has severe medical problems, and while he receives housing and living expenses from his job, his own personal salary is minimal--thus, he is ordered to pay the woman a mere $300 a month--as she is unemployed, this amount does not cover the expense of raising a child, let alone one with medical issues. He has no obligation, according to the court, to find other, more gainful employment to support his offspring, and his employer refuses to assist the woman because of her irresponsibility in failing to properly use "birth control". This last point would be appaling, and certainly is something one would expect a church whose official stance against birth control to find objectional. Unless, of course, the employer making the argument was the Roman Catholic Church and its employee was a priest quickly moving up the church hierarchy.

Refusing to even provide the child with the same health insurance offered to the father-priest, the mother, Stephanie Collopy, is forced to live in dire poverty and care for a constantly sick son. The church, again, has shown its true colors as a bureaucratic, hypocritical organization whose mantra is little more than preserving moral superiority and protecting the images of its employees through cover-ups. The dead beat dad/priest, Arturo Uribe, is pastor of a parish with more than 4,000 members and an average weekly collection of over $12,000--little of which goes to care for the man's child. Uribe pays nothing to Collopy--indeed, his special he-man-woman-hater-esqu club, The Redemptionists, pay the measely court-ordered $300 per month. How can such a man wake up each day and claim to serve a higher power, without providing for and accepting the consequences of his own actions? If God's work begins at home, a man who has abandon his (and those who facilitate his continued hypocritical employment) certainly has a special place reserved for him.

LA Times Article: Priest and Son, Bound by Poverty.

Contact St. Mary's Church of Whittier, Uribe's parish, here.
Big ups to The Band for the post's title--a good mockery of the savers of souls found on their Moondog Matinee Album.