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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

MegaConference Update

Jerry Falwell has done it again. As we speak, literally tens of people are attending his "2005 Creation Mega-Conference". The point of the Mega-Conference, you ask? Could it be another forum for Falwell to blame the queers for 9/11? Or perhaps he is using the podium to hope for the end of public schools, and the goal of turning all public schools into Christian institutions? Could he be arguing AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuals and a society that "tolerates" them? No, this time Jerry rounded up a few quacks--two with actual PhD's in biology (and one with a PhD in molecular genetics) who are shilling for "creationism" and "intelligent design".

Before we get too far, it should be noted, religion's cool by me. Whatever gets you through the night, I say. Alas, these folks take things a bit to far. The whole "everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus burning in the fiery pits of hell" talk is a total bummer--for me Satan's Lava Land is understandable--maybe even for my family--but for Ghandi? You're telling me Eric Rudolph, murderer of innocent folks in Atlanta and abortion doctors alike, is going to be getting a suite at the Bellagio in the Sky, and Sandy Koufax is going to be exposed to massive amounts of UV Radiation? I'll take even a Godless world over that, thank you very much.

While Falwell and his gang of religious zealots attack affirmative action, he and David Horowitz are attempting to apply the practice to the arena of ideas. So few actual scientist buy this nonsense, yet Falwell still feels his ideas--deemed unqualified by all but two or three scientists in the world--should receive equal time in schools. I truly wanted to attend the conference, but unfortunately JetBlue doesn't Lynchburg (LYNCHBURG?), Virginia.

Now, onto our color coded chart. Here are some folks watching some sort of presentation at the Creationist MegaConference. Using technology even John Madden would be envious of, between the white folks in red (sleeping), white folks in green (probably sleeping), white folks in yellow (looking at God knows what), and white folks in light blue (look at those mustaches!), there don't seem to be too many eyes actually analysizing the arguments of the presenter. What...these people just digest and regurgitate what they are being told? It blows the mind.