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Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday 7.11.05 News--Hurricanes, NASA and Karl's Big Mouth

There's a place up ahead and I'm going, just as fast as my feet can walk. Come away, come away if you're going. Leave this sinking ship behind"

Everyone puts Hurricane Dennis above the fold, with USA Today and the LA Times making it the lead. The Chicago Tribune and San Diego Union-Trib use the angle of NASA's Discovery space shuttle launch as the lead, and the fact NASA is launching despite the hellfire which God is raining down upon Florida. Everyone also fronts with the Brit's complete lack of any leads in catching last week's bombers, and the fact they are now soliciting the help of other European law enforcement agencies. The NY Times puts Dennis second, while leading with a great story on the decline in part-time military forces being deployed full-time in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's nice of the adminstration to give those boys a few months off before they start the Autumn Iranian campaign.

Carl's Jr. made a stir earlier last month with their Paris Hilton ad for the new Spicy Six Dollar Burger. A Karl of a different sort used his big mouth to out Valerie Plame. Let's see if Bill O'Reilly makes as big a deal out of Rove's destruction of the First Amendment as he did about seeing the hotel hieress in a one-piece. Now onto the real news...or at least what our friends over at Hearst like to tell us...

San Francisco Chronicle: The Chron has Dennis second, making the negative impact of the sale of pets on Craigslist the lead story. The article discusses "casual breeding"--folks who let their dogs run wily nily with little concern for their well being or the 'quality' of the off-spring--as a new profit source for folks who sell the pups on the Craigslist, the popular internet classifieds directory (most popular in San Francisco for its 'Casual Encounters' section, facilitating adults to run wily nily in the streets of SF). The Chroncle is now posting a "culture blog" on its website--a collection of not-so-pithy comments by folks far too old to be keeping blogs (One is 32!?!) I have yet to find anything of particular interest, as it is neither as shallow as Gawker, newsworthy as Drudge nor slutty as Wonkette. Really, it's just a collection of ramblings and completely useless cultural observations, but that's just my opinion.

New York Times: Only in our third day and already I've resorted to including stories from the Times. I couldn't resist including links to the Times' story about truffle hunting and the World Series of Poker. No one covers arts and culture stories two years too late like the Times.

Cedar Rapids Gazette: Website down. Shocking.

Charlotte Observer:Everyone's a little less antsy in Charlotte now that Hurrican Dennis touched down and is losing steam. Be sure to check out the Observer's fantastic Party Pictures from the past weekend--so stunning words would only detract from their greatness. Almost forgot--the Observer's offering a great weekend getaway at Tweetsie's Railroad Themepark. Riders in the Sky will be performing next week--well, the ones who aren't dead yet anyway.

This week's song lyrics: Creedence, just for you Karl.