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Thursday, July 14, 2005

News: Alt Weekly Thursday--7.14.05

It's Alt-Weekly Thursday, so the actual news will be brief.
NY Times reports many grandparents are funding the lives of their children and grandkids. The rest of us are forced to steal Nana's teeth and hock them on eBay.

LA Times reports the Governator received $8 mil over the past 5 years from health and fitness magazines, and--completely coincidentally--vetoed a bill that would regulate supplement use in California. The leader of this fine state used steroids in the past, and he's doing fine so what's the big deal?

Oh, and everyone's looking for the ringleader behind the suicide attacks in Britain. Here's to hoping they actually get the guy and not go all Farenheit 451 on us.

The Best of the Alt-Weekly Papers for 7.14.05-7.21.05

Let's start with the mandatory plug for theSan Diego City Beat. OK, now onto matters of less import:

Seattle's The Stranger reports a the city's planned monorail is in trouble. 27 people are worried about this problem, primarily those who were planning to use the direct "Space Needle-to-Space Mountain" route. That joke was poor--my apologies.

Also in The Stranger, a
review of a new Foucault biography. We're glad these guys know their reader base--obnoxious, caffine addicted later 20-somethings who didn't get into grad school.

The Cleveland Free Times has nothing of note. Except, of course, for the
hottest alt-weekly T-Shirt model ever.
Cleveland does indeed rock.

Detroit MetroTimes features
Bikers for Jesus.Apparently no one told them they have to keep up the 'I Found Jesus' act after they are granted parole.

SF Weekly also has a Jesus article, this one not as interesting but certainly more pithy. SF Weekly also wrote the Surfjan Stevens piece I should have written, considering he's playing in San Diego Friday.

More of the best of the alt-weeklies updated throughout the day. Did we miss something? Send your recommendation to us (headeastyoungman@gmail.com)