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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday 7.12.05 News

UPDATE: (10AM PT)After a wolf (yes, a wolf) delayed the start of the 10th stage of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong decided he'd like to wear the yellow jersey now and pulled away to open a 38 second lead. Unbelievable. You almost feel bad for the French--the most popular sporting event in their nation has been monopolized by a Texan for the past 7 years, and we here in the states hardly blink. Unless, of course, we can be trendy by wearing a yellow bracelet. If he really isn't juicing--as all of the French claim--we are witnessing the most remarkable sports story of our time.
Another reason they hate us...

"Just about a year ago, I set out on the road. Seeking my fame and fortune, looking for a pot of gold. Things got bad, and things got worse, I guess you know the tune. Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again"

The most interesting development is the Times leading with an all-out assault on Karl Rove and the administration regarding the Plame scandal. With regular NYT front-pager Judith Miller in jail, the paper of record put Richard Stevenson--just back from covering the G8--on the case of turning the 2 year old Joe Wilson debacle into a full-blown scandal. It seems Bush is a day late in announcing his supreme court nomination--certainly doing so yesterday would have moved the story (and what appears to be Rove's career) from above the fold. He didn't and now, at least in the Times (with most other papers sure to follow) the momentum he gained from the G8 summit and his solidarity with Blair after the London attacks is sure to slip. See the WH Press Corp's tar and feathering of Scott McClellan below (he sure is now Ari). Everyone fronts with the Brit's disclosure that military style explosives were used in last Friday's attacks, and the death toll from the bombings reached 51 as of this morning. The LA Times leads with the news that WellPoint, the nation's largest medical insurer, will cover all procedures deemend necessary by a physician. What, exactly, a doctor can diagnose in under 5 minutes is unclear, but at least its a start. In an interesting sports story reported by the LA Times, Major League Baseball will hold an international tournament in 2006, after being snubbed (along with softball) by the olympics for the 2008 games as was announced last week. Now onto the local news in today's Pacific Northwest edition...

Seattle Times (Cloudy, 66): Three climbers died in the North Cascade mountain range, and one other was injured after a rock slide. The three survivors--two uninjured--were helicoptered out of the region. To women were shot to death on Washington's I-5 after an apparent case of road rage. Oh, and a Seattle priest was removed by the Vatican after touching little boys. With news like this, no wonder Seattlites don't care enough about Karl Rove ruining the 1st amendment to put it on the front page.

Idaho Statesman (Clear, 86) A beautiful day in Boise. Florists report rising gas prices are hurting their business. A scary man (apparently the Statesman's "Outdoor" columnist) reports on unpaved roads. Someone shot a guy in Meridian, Idaho. The deceased asked police not press charges, as he is pleased to be out of Meridian, Idaho.

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Montana: Clear, 88) Ah, Beaverhead County, it has been too long. I love any newspaper which lists "Obituaries" more prominently than "News". That said, the paper combines the two as it leads with The Dillon Hantavirus Epidemic. Four people have contracted mice-borne hantavirus in Beaverhead county. Nothing kills tourism like hantavirus.

Vancouver Sun (Partly Sunny, 20 Degrees Celcius?!?) I visited Vancouver in March and their newspapers simply have nothing to report. It's amazing--no murders, no rapes, nothing. Some crazy congresswoman--or their version of such a person--set a plastic W. figurine ablaze, and that was their version of Watergate. It's the complete opposite of Los Angeles--which means it's heaven. A trashwar seems imminent in southern British Columbia as no one seems to want to build a new dump. As my high school history teacher would say, "This is a case of NIMBY". Old Mr. S also use to say, "Shut up kids" when no one was talking, but he was a crazy old bat to begin with. In this case though, he'd be right (on both accounts)--a new landfill site can't get approval, and it looks like things are going to get stinky in Vancouver. Hey, guys, what about Nunavut?

And that's your news--have a good one, we'll be back with updates this afternoon. For those of you in Seattle, read one of the better Onion articles of late. The Onion was in a rut, regurgitating Bush (and its own) jokes for a while, but this story of a hamster and a remote control truck is superb. Don't forget to watch the MLB All-Star game tonight from Comerica Park.