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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday 7.13.05 News

Oh say that you'll be true and never leave me blue Suzie Q

UPDATE (10:30AM) The National Hockey League will have a season. Canada.com rejoices.

The Brits arrested one man and declared four others died in last week's suicide attacks. The Post (story linked) gives the most details, stating the bombers were British citizens of Pakistani desce ntand the arrested man is a relative of one of the bombers. Everyone fronts with the Rove-gate--the White House continues to stonewall reporters (see the Scott McClellan coverage below)in briefings and--through Rove's attorney--claim that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. Stating Rove only said, "Joe Wilson's Wife" and not "Valerie Plame" seems to be the best legal argument Rove's attorney can come up with...The LA Times puts the Rove atop their website, detailing how Rove held reporters hands as they wrote stories, and in the case of Matt Cooper Rove was attempting to discredit Joe Wilson by stating his trip was only given to him due to his wife's position in the CIA, not punish Wilson and Plame for their insubordination. Whichever the case, it's doubtful Rove will be seeing the wrong side of a minimum security federal pen anytime soon. Now onto the locals...

Houston Chronicle (77/94, T-storms) The Chronicle leads with the damage done to the Spaceshuttle Discovery, to launch today, due to Hurrican Dennis. Some windows were broken, but apparently no one at NASA is too concerned. After seeing what happened to the Columbia when a styrofoam egg crate fell off the side, I wouldn't be headed up in some Chevy Nova the boys down in Florida tied a rocket engine to and put some duct tape and plywood over the windows. Kylie O'Connor keeps a blog over at the Chronicle, and this weeks "You know your a Houstonian" includes all of the jokes about Houston I'd rather not make. Except you know you're a Houstonian because you fail to see the irony in Halliburton providing the medical care for your lung cancer.

Orlando Sentinel (79, T-Storms) Along with their own (more detailed) account of this afternoon's
the Sentinel tells us a British girl went into cardiac arrest after riding Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The Sentinel states, The ride, which opened in 1994, simulates five minutes in an elevator gone haywire. Passengers ride in an elevator car that shoots up toward the top of a tower, then plunges back to earth in drops as steep as 13 stories. Sounds like a blast. Another job well done to the folks at Disney, especially as they receive the very first walk-of-fame star for a business(LA Times). It is now illegal to chain a dog outside in Orange County, Florida from 9am-5pm, after a dog killed a 4 year old girl last year. On a brighter note (although not from the Sentinel) a great story about Florida Marlins ace Dontrelle Willis' embrace of being a role-model. Counter that with Charles Barkley or Gary Sheffield's recent remarks and it's truly refreshing.

Birmingham Post-Herald: While the folks at the Post-Herald don't have a weather section, they are still psyched about Auburn's undefeated college football season. Yet another reason I'm pleased UC San Diego doesn't engage in such nonsense--at least the bureaucrats at UCSD got something right. The paper leads with Hurrican Dennis clean-up. Things go downhill from there--the second story is the worst written column I've ever read. Either this guy knows the editor or he's calling it in. Some gems from the article of sports columnist, Scott Adamson, about sports he doesn't like include, I don't give a rip about the Tour de France. Don't care if Lance Armstrong wins his seventh straight title, don't care if he quits midway through the event and elopes with Sheryl Crow. Both a poet and a humorist, apparently Mr. Adamson is. Another you say? I haven't watched a tennis match in 20 years, and only pay attention to the highlights when they involve Maria Sharapova...The point is, there are many of us who write sports and talk sports who — on occasion — don't have a lot of interest in what we're writing and talking about. We'll be professional enough to make you think we care, even though in our heart of hearts we don't. Maybe a lot of people don't like tennis or cycling, but to waste newsprint telling us you don't enjoy these events is rather...well...dumb...

Press-Herald of Portland, Maine (61, Overcast): The Press-Herald is one of my favorites--very dedicated local coverage, a clean website, and good writing. A bill to force ships to slow down in certain areas to protect whales appears headed for defeat. 21 Mainers are off for Iraq Finally, Maine gives $8 million to deaf students abused at the Baxter School for the Deaf Abusing deaf kids? That's a type of hardcore only Maine can handle.

The American League won the MLB All-Star game for the 8th straight year, despite the fact the Oakland A's rep Justin Duchscherer did not have the opportunity to pitch. Despite the fact the olympics ousted baseball and softball, an international competition has been organized and will begin March 3rd, involving 16 nations over 18 days. Gary Sheffield, as stated earlier, will play the Grinch in next year's World Baseball Classic.