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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Airport Thoughts

The 8:25 PM San Jose-San Diego flight is the most attractive in the country. Jet Blue’s LAX-JFK Thursday evening flights run a close second...Once a fashion trend reaches the pages of SkyMall, it is officially dead... Those of you still wearing trucker hats, please proceed immediately with the other trash to gate 47, your frog-legging expedition departs tout de suite...Filthy Rich, the E! Network’s newest reality show in which the most obnoxious offspring of the mildly-wealthy participate in a cattle drive, offers a better argument for the estate tax than Paul Krugman ever could...A documented anxiety disorder should allow one to use medical insurance when purchasing booze at airports–especially with a Miller Light costing $11, the same price as a month’s worth of Xanax from Venezuela...Who the fuck still uses chewing tobacco--especially in Callifornia...