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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Apologies

Things have been rather hectic around here, yet the fruits of avoidance and procrastination soon will abound. A crop of new CityBeat articles next week, and one the week after, including a review of Deadman's new CD, some interviews with transexual victims fo botched botox jobs, a couple bar reviews and a study of San Diego wine bars. Also, only 4 weeks from finishing up my last college course, and 6 weeks from Germany, so posts should be frequent.

First off, I fairly confident I saw the brother from American Chopper in Starbucks today. What he was doing in La Jolla is beyond me, and perhaps it was merely a woman with man-cans and dirty blond locks, yet the guy does have a rather distinctive "look". I know, I know, the brush with celebrity is still wearing off. He ordered a grande caramel latte and a cranberry bliss bar...look for him on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club III next February.

Second, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH BRADGELINA? They were spotted taking a vacation to spring break hot spot Lake Havasu (and by 'hot spot' I of course mean 'fourth rate skank fest for the lowest and poorest of Arizona State skanketry). Billy Bob juice is apparently still running through Jolie, and let us all prey it does not infest the gorgeous loins of Mr. Pitt. He's already rocking that trashy, short, blond hair cut, the only good part of which is allowing me to read US Weekly without questioning my sexuality when looking at him.

Finally, weekend updates will be from Vancouver, let's hope the mounties have fixed their runways by now.

UPDATE: Brad has died his hair black. I repeat, Brad now has black, short hair, NOT blond. We'll keep you updated as this story progresses.