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Monday, August 29, 2005

Operation Yellow Elephant

Oh, moral superiority. This blog reported on Operation Yellow Elephant about a month ago, a movement to enlist college Republicans to fight in Iraq. I'd imagine the result would be the college R's handing out the enlistment fliers and being generally amiable when dealing with anyone attempting encouraging military recruitment.

I think of my mother walking into my room, looking at the home which protected me, my room with the things that I touched and which we laughed over, and simply am numbed by the image of 1,900 mothers having to do the same thing. I supported the war at the beginning. I was told they had big bad weapons, and certainly we could go in there, clear the place out, and be gone in a few months. I was stupid, I was gullible and I was wrong, and now 1,900 mothers must box up the belongings of their sons and daughters--the pictures they displayed of better times down to their shirts and socks. I am truly sorry.

I guess the kids at this school just don't get it. Make sure to watch the end of the video, when a member of the college republicans attempts to claim the moral high ground, arguing the club couldn't be bothered to encourage students to join the military and fight for a war they support because some of the organization's members simply weren't "able to enlist" despite their burning desire to do so. Unlike, of course, those 40-something national guardsmen with a wife and three kids who are being called through the backdoor draft for their third tour of duty...

Video Here