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Monday, September 05, 2005

Rich's Sunday Piece

Frank Rich's Sunday Times article was particularly outstanding. Little has been said of Bush's visit to good old San Diego, yet Rich's piece addresses the issue quite well. The best line? "If we are to pull ourselves out of the disasters of Katrina and Iraq alike, we must live in the real world, not the fantasyland of the administration's faith-based propaganda."

Another Times piece compares the situation of two families--one white, middle class, the other black and mired in poverty. While the article unfairly tries to paint the white folks as Gatsby-esque, it still is quite good. Find it here.

Click here for the article.

On a completely unrelated note, who knew Anne Rice now lives in La Jolla? We're pratically neighbors! Her Sunday Times piece makes me miss New Orleans even more, and certainly makes her migration west a bit more puzzling. La Jolla is nice, but certainly out of place for Lestat;s creator (despite our 24-hour coffee house of the same name).