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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Swift Boating of New Orleans

Bush screws up a war? Blame the protesting mother whose son is dead. Bush screws up a relief effort? Blame the poor black folk for not getting out. Indeed, that is what the right has begun to do. It of course is not the fault of the federal government for failing to act on numerous memos describing the threat a category 4 or 5 hurricane posed New Orleans. Instead, it's the poor black folk of New Orleans for failing to get out, and the "mentality" of the city--a welfare state as described by Rush Limbaugh--for failing to act. Certainly ample blame must be placed at the feet of New Orleans' leaders, from Nagin to the Landrieu clan. Each of these folks could have raised more hell about the threat posed to the city. But in the end, it is the federal government's Army Corps of Engineers who maintain the levees, and Bush's appointees who are in charge of the relief efforts. At the very least, blaming the poor, black people of New Orleans for their predicament, being locked inside the hellish conditions of the Superdome and NOLA Convention Center, is in shockingly bad taste.

Rush Limbaugh Swiftboats NOLA residents. Of course, race and economic disparity have no connection in today's American south.