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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Stick in Hiding

Butterstick--the DC National Zoo's new panda--has gone MIA. Not only are the zoo's panda cams over capacity for viewing online, the Animal Planet has shut down their cam ('temporarily'--from what we hear, because they realized they were focusing on the inferior panda baby). Check out Su Lin (currently snuggling adorably with her mother in the SD Birthing Den) here: http://www.sandiegozoo.org/zoo/ex_panda_station.html

University of the South

Continuing their series on crazy people, the New York Times discussed the University of the South today to a nation's collective yawn. "There really are people like this?" most Times readers asked, viewing those who attend the University of the South as backwards Good Ole Boys and LSU rejects (often the same). Further proving the fragile status of the United States higher educational system, Dr. (!) David Aiken remarked about changes to the University of the South (which include such radical steps as removing a ceremonial baton dedicated to a Confederate general who helped found the Ku Klux Klan, as well as numerous confederate flags),
"I think they ought to leave it the way it is," said Dr. David W. Aiken, an alumnus who is an orthopedic surgeon in Metairie, La. "I wouldn't be for changing anything. I think they're doing quite well. What is the purpose of making it a more national school? Do I want kids from California, New York coming there? (Read: Jews) Not really."
Dear kids from California and New York: STAY HERE. IT'S BETTER, I PROMISE. Go to a community college if you must, then transfer upstate or to UC Riverside if necessary. Yes, shocking I know, but if you think the valley or Buffalo are hell, you ain't seen nothing yet. Don't trust me? I'd hope I don't have foot trouble if I were you...

Edit: Sorry about the yarmulke being backward. Google Images let me down, once again...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Interactive Hip Hop

Screw satellite radio--I want interactive radio. What would I say you ask? Funny you should ask...

"Why, now that you mention it Ms. Pussycat Doll, I do indeed wish my female companion happened to be a 'freak' like you."

"Actually Dr. Cent, it is not my birthday, thus partying like it is would be inappropriate and perhaps devalue the actual holiday."

"Mr. Diddy, why do you suck? Seriously, how can a single human being suck so much, yet continue to make a living? You made acne commercials--I'm sure that's what Biggie had in mind when he got shot and you became famous covering a Sting tune...you next to Jessica Simpson selling ProActive Solutions after a Girls Gone Wild infomercial. Congratulations, you are worthless."

OK, so the last one isn't really a question, but you get the point.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Esteban Loaiza

The A's picked up Esteban Loaiza for three years today, adding another reason why Barry Zito will be traded at next week's winter meetings. Thankfully for A's fans, won't be traded. Loaiza adds a decent starter who leveled off last season after two all-star first halfs in 2003 and 2004. Although Loaiza eats up a ridiculous number of innings (giving the A's bullpen a chance to stay rested throughout the season) he more importantly offers the A's a starter with a proven track record as staring the season hot. Kirk Saarloos is likely to be traded, as he is certainly over valued after his career year last season (think Cory Lidle). Hopefully the A's can grab an undervalued right handed bat for Saarloos and some prospects (or perhaps Saarloos and Kennedy). In any event, Zito/Harden/Loaiza/Blanton/Haren gives the A's the best starting five in the AL, as well as starters who can consume enough innings to make up for the A's rather thin bullpen.

A's Sign Esteban Loaiza


A few months back I wrote about local San Diego congressman Duke Cunningham's shenanigans (see July 5th), including taking bribes fromd efense contractors. Today, it appears things are worse than expected; Duke took $2.4 million from defense contractors, and resigned today. Not only is Duke a crook, but apparently he can't stomach the same fight as Tom Delay when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Home Stretch

Another Thanksgiving down, and now we're in the proverbial home stretch to the new year. Purchased a Sirius radio this afternoon, and gosh is it swell. I haven't spent enough time investigating each of the channels yet, and certainly the receiver seems a bit clumsy (the antenna and power cord certainly add clutter to the front of my car) and the ability to access all of the channels is limited to the 6 preset buttons. Yet the ability to listen to lots of good music, commercial free, and never again being frustrated by a complete absense of anything listen-able on the AM or FM dial is well worth the $13/month.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Stick No Es Bueno

Wonkette continues to proclaim the greatness of the DC zoo's newest panda, Butterstick (aka Tai Shan). Who freakin' cares--San Diego ACTUALLY has PandaWatch on the 10PM news, and tickets for our panda are significantly easier to come by. What's the matter, Stick, have to get all dressed up in the morning? Yeah, our lineup of Bai Yun, Gao Gao, , Mei Sheng, Hua Mei, Shi Shi and our newest addition Su Lin would eat the stick for breakfast. While Tai Shan freezes its little panda ass off in DC this winter, Su Lin will be laying out in our current 80 degree weather.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

NY Times' Gay Fetish

The NY Times' actual subtitle for this picture, "And the Winner Is...Acting Gay". The formula for success beat into me by society is apparently backward. For social climbing and increased personal status, I heart penis.
And the Winner Is...Acting Gay

Congress Sticks It In

Pullout rejected 403-3 Washington Times, America's Newspaper

CSPAN was truly riveting last night. Murtha is a badass, and the R's didn't have anyone to counter him. Praising the guy and giving him his evening (a low-news Friday) was obviously the best strategic move the Republicans could make.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Vatican Not Religious Enough

Pat Robertson argued God would strike the city of Dover with a meteor because they rejected teaching 'Intelligent Design' in their schools. A top Vatican scientists today argued intelligent design has no place in the science classroom--rather, should be presented either in cultural history or religion courses. Bet you wish you had that missle defense system now, don't you Father?

Vatican Just Not Religious Enough

Witty Hippies

I Crossed Illegally and All I Got Are These Freakin' Awesome Shoes

San Diego is edgy. Obnoxious hipsters have lost their monopoly over the boutique sneaker market, and obnoxious self-loathing white folk are paying $215 for each pair of "Brinco" shoes, designed by a southern california artist. The shoes include a map of the US-Mexico border, a 'flashlight dangle', and an image of Mexico's patron saint of migrants. A tip to illegal immigratns though; you may not blend into the day laborer pool at Home Depot sporting those $215 kicks with the flashlight dangle.

From the BRINCO Website:
With Brinco , Judi Werthein has created a project that links migrants’ efforts to cross the border illegally with the increasing global corporatization of goods and labor. The project is a uniquely designed sneaker, trademarked Brinco . The design of the shoe is inspired by information and materials that are relevant to, and could provide assistance to, those illegally crossing the border.

Flashlight Dangle?

I Crossed Illegally and All I Got Are These Freakin' Awesome Shoes

The Associated Press SAN DIEGO — The high-top sneakers cost $215 at a San Diego boutique, but the designer is giving them away to migrants before they cross to this side of the U.S.-Mexico border.

These are no ordinary shoes.

A compass and flashlight dangle from one shoelace. The pocket in the tongue is for money or pain relievers. A rough map of the border region is printed on a removable insole.

They are red, white and green, the colors of the Mexican flag. On the back ankle, a drawing of Mexico’s patron saint of migrants.

Sure, Jose, you'll TOTALLY blend into the day laborer pool at Home Depot sporting those $215 kicks with the flashlight dangle.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mr. T Directions

Is driving easier when Mr. T’s riding shotgun? - The Driver's Seat - MSNBC.com

In High School I attempted to spend the class' money hiring Mr. T as our graduation speaker instead of prom. While that ended in the shame of me home alone on prom night and listening to my English teacher on graduation day, I will never by without the A team again. Oh, capitalism, how I love you.

Why I Hate Google

So my hometown of Mountain View, California finally made their pact with the darkside. Google will cast its wireless web of information into every nook and cranny of Mountain View, allowing residents to access the internet anytime, anywhere. How altruistic. Alas, much like their ill-fated Google Web Accelerator, Google will be able to track everywhere my fellow denizens of the MV go online. Now, if you have a gmail account, Google's servers will log every activity you undertake online, no longer allowing the worry-free dabbling in sin to which I have become accustom. The goal of every media company is to reach the largest audience possible every second of the day; now google is in every home, every ally, and every bathroom in the fine city of Mountain View. If Larry, Sergey and Eric (Oh My!) were Charlie's Angels, I may not feel so violated.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Review: Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts

Carrie Underwood: Some Hearts
Arista Nashville

Finally, Church of the Rock parishioners disillusioned by the estrangement of Creed can find solace in hip music to which all the kids are listening. Sweet to Kelly Clarkson's skank, Some Hearts' is a perfect stocking stuffer for the post-pubescent Protestant male—wholesome, holy, and when used as masturbatory inspiration, God doesn't kill a kitten. The music is analogous; following up her single, “Jesus, Take the Wheel”, Carrie Underwood's afflatus country is the album of the year for Wal-Mart single moms and just faux-rock enough to prove she would kick Clay Aiken's ass in a steel cage match.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sam Adams Light

...needs a higher alcohol content.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Elpidia Carrillo for Governor

The Governator: HUGE in China. Considering the string of Predator stars turning into governors, perhaps Latin hotty Elpidia Carrillo can push through a two misconceived initiatives.

Bill King, Hall of Famer.

Has a nice ring to it, no?

Baseball's great announcers are awarded the Ford C. Frick Award at
Baseball's Hall of Fame ceremony each year. To honor the late Bill
King, please visit the site and vote for King, the voice of my
childhood. Voting runs through November 30th and you can vote once
each day.

Ford C. Frick Award Honoree Voting

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Douche of the Week

Student porn -- inmates running the asylum at UC San Diego

Congratulations Warner Todd Huston, you are our Douche of the Week!. I'm not sure the name of his droopy handle-bar mustache/overgrown lip patch combination of facial hair, yet his ridiculous article on Alan Keyes' "Renew America" illustrates the hypocricy of the organization's self-serving interpretation of the first amendment. Huston's article argues for the loss of federal funding for UC San Diego because the administration did not take action against UC San Diego's Student Run Television Station for refusing to censor student-produced content. Allowing students to decide what is shown on the television station which their fees pay for is equivalent to, "[handing] the inmates...the keys to the asylum?"

Yet, linked next to Huston's article is Alan Keye's "First Amendment essay". In the essay, Keyes argues, "Federal and state governments, in matters of religion, are forbidden to coerce or prohibit individual choice and action." Individual free speech--as well as the rights of media organizations--are as protected from the coercive power of the state as religious organizations. The federal government censors content on television and radio because those institutions operate on 'public airwaves' and can be accessed by anyone at anytime. UCSD's SRTV, however, is closed circuit and access is limited televisions hooked up to UCSD's on-campus cable, thus not bound by the same state and federal restrictions. As expected, Huston threatens state and federal action to enforce his own ideology, whether it is Keyes desiring the ten commandments in a state courthouse or the censorship of a campus television statement.

Korach New A's Announcer...Quesadilla Not Settling Well...

Korach gets well-deserved reward by A's new lead announcer

Creating some sort of synergy is important to a successful blog.
This is not a successful blog. Bill King's passing left the top spot
open for A's radio broadcasts, and the choice of selecting the former
color man, Korach, is a great decision. I'll be out of the state--and
country--for much of the baseball season thus the ability to continue
listening to Korach broadcast games through MLB internet audio is

In other news, I just ate a cheese quesadilla and am in immense pain.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bloggy McBloggerson

Spitting in the face of the notion that no one cares about your blog, today a pimp a friend's blog on law like it's a 12 year old Cambodian hooker. Check it out.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Puggle for Governator

SignOnSanDiego.com News Politics -- Schwarzenegger vows cooperation in face of defeat

Seriously, what's the matter with you people? California's propositions weren't ALL bad, yet each and every one was rejected by voters. Teachers waiting 5 instead of 2 years for a lifetime gig--that makes sense, right? Judges, not politicians, drawing legislative districts? I guess not, this is the state that elected Gray Davis...twice....

More importantly, as I continue my slide into the world of trendy emasculation, I will be adopting a Puggle in January. It's a good starter dog I suppose, plus the fear of coming home drunk and sitting on the poor bastard should limit my drinking in Phoenix.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhusle

KRONOS QUARTET AND ASHA BHUSLE: You’ve Stolen My Heart: Songs from R.D. Burman’s Bollywood

SDCityBeat, 11.2.05

Goes Well With: Phillip Glass, R.D. Burman, a night at the indie cineplex

Bollywood isn’t the place grandpa’s string quartet would go to find their latest inspiration. But it is the sort of sexy otherworld that lures the Kronos Quartet, whose newest effort brings a passionate, amorous flair to the music of Bollywood’s greatest composer, R.D. Burman.

The Kronos Quartet—the most recognizable string quartet in the world due to their work with Philip Glass—experiments with nearly every music genre and here their versatility shines as much as their already-proven virtuoso skills. Famed Bollywood singer Asha Bhusle provides the album’s vocals, yet beyond an organist and percussionist, the quartet’s ability to adapt their traditional instruments to the tonal sounds required for an authentic feel (particularly from violinists David Harrington and John Sherba) is stunning.

You’ve Stolen My Heart offers the suspense and intrigue far beyond any Bollywood film. Each song holds true to Burman’s original intent, and each shows why his scores should be regarded as more than just background noise for cliché dance sequences.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Bird Flu Mints...Curiously Strong...

The first images of bird flu, taken by the Swedish photographer who brought us the first images of human conception, were featured today in a Swedish newspaper. Bird Flu looks strangely like a Mentos, yet significantly less refreshing.

DN - Nyheter - Här dödar fågelinfluensan en cell (Swedish jibberish with cool bird flu photos)

"The Concretes", The Concretes

"The Concretes" The Concretes. 2004.
The Concretes are the epitome of rambling indie rock bands with a female front. You've heard their tune "Say Something New" in that snappy Target commercial, which looks nearly identical to those new iPod ads. Which makes sense, consdiering The Concretes, Apple and Target all share the same business model, selling overpriced functional shit (or affordable-chic, depending on you look at things, but that funny looking teapot still only boils water and costs half as much at Wal-Mart, asshole).

Sure, it's fun to throw an accent piece into the mix every once in a while to spice things up. Yet just like intoxication experienced when entering a yuppie-apartment, caused by an inability to focus one's gaze without staring at a Henckel knife set or overstuffed throw pillow, The Concretes overlay every song with cute window-dressing. Whether a rhythm horn section, organ, or vocal accompanyments, The Concretes have too many toys and not enough meat.

The Concretes' barrage of musical cotton candy is unfortunate because the album's one stripped down song, "Foreign Country", is a satisfying indie rock tune, comprised only of emotional vocals (despite rather meaningless lyrics) and some basic piano chords. Indeed, parts of numerous songs successfully pair unconventional instruments and vocals, yet it is simply overkill. The band certainly shows potential, but their first LP simply shows a lack of confidence.

We're back

Thanks for visiting once again. This blog was popular back in the day yet wilted a month and a half ago due to writer's block. I won't relapse again, I promise. There will be plenty of CD reviews that can be read here, particularly those that you can't find in the San Diego CityBeat. So enjoy, and welcome back.