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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Douche of the Week

Student porn -- inmates running the asylum at UC San Diego

Congratulations Warner Todd Huston, you are our Douche of the Week!. I'm not sure the name of his droopy handle-bar mustache/overgrown lip patch combination of facial hair, yet his ridiculous article on Alan Keyes' "Renew America" illustrates the hypocricy of the organization's self-serving interpretation of the first amendment. Huston's article argues for the loss of federal funding for UC San Diego because the administration did not take action against UC San Diego's Student Run Television Station for refusing to censor student-produced content. Allowing students to decide what is shown on the television station which their fees pay for is equivalent to, "[handing] the inmates...the keys to the asylum?"

Yet, linked next to Huston's article is Alan Keye's "First Amendment essay". In the essay, Keyes argues, "Federal and state governments, in matters of religion, are forbidden to coerce or prohibit individual choice and action." Individual free speech--as well as the rights of media organizations--are as protected from the coercive power of the state as religious organizations. The federal government censors content on television and radio because those institutions operate on 'public airwaves' and can be accessed by anyone at anytime. UCSD's SRTV, however, is closed circuit and access is limited televisions hooked up to UCSD's on-campus cable, thus not bound by the same state and federal restrictions. As expected, Huston threatens state and federal action to enforce his own ideology, whether it is Keyes desiring the ten commandments in a state courthouse or the censorship of a campus television statement.