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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why I Hate Google

So my hometown of Mountain View, California finally made their pact with the darkside. Google will cast its wireless web of information into every nook and cranny of Mountain View, allowing residents to access the internet anytime, anywhere. How altruistic. Alas, much like their ill-fated Google Web Accelerator, Google will be able to track everywhere my fellow denizens of the MV go online. Now, if you have a gmail account, Google's servers will log every activity you undertake online, no longer allowing the worry-free dabbling in sin to which I have become accustom. The goal of every media company is to reach the largest audience possible every second of the day; now google is in every home, every ally, and every bathroom in the fine city of Mountain View. If Larry, Sergey and Eric (Oh My!) were Charlie's Angels, I may not feel so violated.