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Monday, December 05, 2005

Football Players Fail in the Classroom

Holy shit--football players at top Division I schools ain't the brightest bulbs in the box. When it comes to the classroom, Bubba's sure helping the curve.
This year's bowl-bound college football teams are struggling to meet the NCAA's new academic standards, with 41 percent falling below minimum requirements and almost half lacking a 50 percent graduation rate, according to a survey released Monday.
Granted, the list of last year's Division I teams which attended bowl games isn't exactly a laundry list of prestigious academic institutions. Yet even a top tier school such as Northwestern--which is usually the doormat of their conference--barely graduates more than three quarters of their football players. Certainly there are intelligent, studious football players. Yet there are far more of these kids who have no shot of making a career of football, yet are groomed by coaches throughout high school and college to play football with little concern for their academic ability. Seeing football as the only way out of dire economic circumstances--and foresaking academic advancement for the ability to run a slant route--obviously is only serving high school and college coaches.

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