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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Philips Senseo Noriega

I received my free Philips Senseo in the mail three days ago and have realized it is a dangerous, dangerous device. The folks at Philips finally realized what drug pushers have known for millenia; give away the delivery device and charge for the sweet sweet nectar. Just fill up its water container, press the "on" button, stick in a single, pre-packaged packet of ground coffee, and voila, a freshly brewed 4 oz cup of coffee with a delicious frothy layer. A dab of CoffeeMate and the beverage tastes like a damn latte (and can be finished in two gulps). At times like these...namely, 11PM on a Saturday night while working on the thesis...I've gone through eight of the packets in the past three hours, and should really move the machine away from my desk.