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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

120 Days of Red State America

Some would call it callous to characterize the grieving mother of a slain American soldiero as a cry-baby--particularly when those doing the characterizing advocated, and often did not fight, in said war. Let's get one thing straight, however; cold hearted, soulless fucks often produce some of the most original, cutting edge, biting social commentary, and ladies and gentlemen, the folks of "Right Wing Stuff" are our contemporary Marquis de Sade. With witty slogans advocating violence against ideological foes, such as, "The Only Way to Change a Liberal's Mind is With a Rock", and, "I (heart) Gitmo", these fine red-staters defend our country in true American fashion: by making a buck off the families of those grieving the war dead. Mazel tov!