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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Staten Island Chuck

Being a Californian, I've only heard stories of the mythical pit of Staten Island, yet never experienced it first hand. As we all get ready for Thursday's Groundhog festivities, and cameras turn to Staten Island Chuck (the island's only newsworthy event, outside of mafia hits, garbage dump leaks and methane gas) I decided to take a gander at the Staten Island Zoo website. Let us explore.
Bronx Zoo Front Page: Features a rather snappy slideshow of gorillas, lions and tigers.
World Famous San Diego Zoo: Interactive Flash presentation featuring polar bears, orangutans, and a safari expedition at the San Diego Wildlife Park. A baby elephant, racing cheetah and baby panda (Su Lin!) also appear.
Staten Island Zoo: Apparently created by two eighth graders in 1998, that which the Staten Island Zoo lacks in charisma it does not make up for in content. The touted exhibits? American River Otters and Servals (glorified, oversized housecats). A cheap pic-art groundhog graphic also appears of Staten Island Chuck. There's room in SD for you Chuck, so long as you can hop the ferry off the island.